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Samsung Focus S

Samsung Focus S

The Samsung Focus S is a step up from the previous Samsung Focus, but with just a few upgrades people will still be waiting for a better Windows phone.
Critic Reviews

Unlike its Android counterpart, the Samsung Focus S lacks the prestige and notoriety of its close sibling, but more importantly, it’s clearly fashioning a foundational core to set it apart from other Windows Phones....Go To Full Review

The Samsung Focus S is the best Windows Phone available with smooth performance, a great camera and a gorgeous display....Go To Full Review

Bolstered by a brilliant display and strong hardware specs, the Samsung Focus S is arguably the best Windows Phone ever released....Go To Full Review

There are a lot of things to like about the Focus S. The 4.3-inch screen is absolutely gorgeous, the speed increase is extremely welcome in the processor intensive games, and the camera works very nicely. The excellent battery life is sure to make your Android and iPhone friends jealous as well. ...Go To Full Review

The Focus S easily lasts through the day, even with heavy use. Call quality is top notch and reception is good. The camera takes very pleasing and sharp photos and good 720p video. Our only complaints are the plasticky build and extreme slipperiness of the phone: get a case....Go To Full Review

The Samsung Focus S packages Microsoft's attractive Windows Phone OS with a stunning screen and slim Galaxy S II style. ...Go To Full Review

Despite a nicer display and a much better camera, the Focus S shares the same processor and RAM as its lower-cost stablemate, which means that the everyday experience is largely the same....Go To Full Review

We're still waiting for the first truly high-end Windows Phone device, but the Focus S comes closer than any other before it....Go To Full Review

I was underwhelmed by my time with the Focus S. It could definitely benefit some more RAM and more apps. It's a plenty capable Windows Phone and people who like Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus display but wanted a little more size will like it a lot. That said, wait until after we see what is announced at CES. ...Go To Full Review